Welcome to Love In the Name of Christ’s Website!

Our Mission

Love INC works to transform lives of people in need through building healthy relationships with God, creation, others, and self.  Using Love INC’s holistic model, lives can be changed materially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Who we are

We are a Christian non-profit in Raleigh, North Carolina, passionate about connecting those in need with resources in our area.  In addition, we strive to mobilize the church to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.

The Call Center

If you are in need of support, please call our Clearing House as a first step. Your confidential call will be received by a caring, trained volunteer. To receive assistance, please call our office at 919.780.4211 or e-mail us at loveincraleigh@gmail.com.

 Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

*Please note we are not an emergency financial ministry